Changing My Speedometer Cluster Lights to Hyper White LEDs!



  • ReaccionReaccion Senior Wagonist
    knottyy wrote:
    Thanks for clearing that up for me. Hopefully the pictures help someone else in the future. I ended up just ordering some small white LED lights for the upper most white panel. I believe they are typeB (T4) bulbs and they come in the little plastic quarter turn housings. I ordered ones that weren't as strong as others as I will be removing that amber strip which holds back some of the light. I was going to try blue LEDs but read what suntrana45 said about the LED's specific color spectrum and them not working with filters. I ended up ordering all new LEDs from in hopes that they'll not burn out quickly like the eBay ones I have in now. They should be arriving shortly and I'll be sure to take shots of everything and post it up.

    Nice, that is a great idea. I also had a little problem with specific color spectrum with filters when I tried installing LEDs on my climate control. The hyper white ones became blue because of the climate control blue inner panel. I had to take them off and ordered "warm white" LEDs so I could match the cluster color. I can't wait to see how yours will look at night!
  • driftin90driftin90 Senior Wagonist
    hey guys, great write up! wondering about the upper neo wedge bulbs, which ones did you go with? the t4 or t5? or which one is it? wanting to order some next week and want to make sure i get the right ones.

  • knottyyknottyy Wagonist
    I went with the T4 Type B bulbs in super white and they worked out great. You can see what they look like on the first page of my build if curious. They balance out pretty well with the overhead filter.
  • driftin90driftin90 Senior Wagonist
    thanks knotty!

    I knew I saw that somewhere. One more question, have you tried the stock t4 bulbs with no filter? Wondering if they will look yellow, or just like the led with filter.

    Great reference! I think I'm ready to order. Ill probably just order them all and go from there.

    Thanks again
  • knottyyknottyy Wagonist
    No problemo, happy to help. I did try with the stock T4 bulbs at first, and to be honest it's really not that much of a difference between those and the LEDs when pushing through that amber filter.....both don't really show up that much on the gauge face and the color temps is close to the same. Without the filter the overhead OEM bulbs and T4's kinda do this spotlight thing on the gauge face which I didn't really like as it was quite bright, and I prefer to let the gauges themselves pop as opposed to the face. The T4 bulbs I bought were super white to try and offset the amber filter a bit instead of changing to a blue filter like reaccion and sticking with OEM T4 bulbs. If I missed anything just hit me up in PM. You should do your dome lights as well while you're at it. This has honestly been one of my favorite mods so far, as it feels like a new car every time I drive at night and I love it. I have had a lot of people comment on how clean it looks. I'm a very visual person so it's just a really nice touch imo.
  • driftin90driftin90 Senior Wagonist
    Yeah I've already done the dome light. Gotta put my shades on to use it. Lol. Thinking about doing my plate lights too. I think ill be set after that. Thanks again. Definitely will pm you if I need more assistance.
  • el_wagovanel_wagovan Band Wagon
    Can someone make a map to show what LEDs go where. This will be most helpful. Your cluster looks awesome
  • SPWSPW Senior Wagonist
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