1991 RT4WD From Idaho



  • Liking the progress man!
  • shenrie wrote: »
    i think i own tonys old car now. i cant remember for sure, lol. either way, you got a prety good deal overall. even with shipping etc. car is looking good, especially with the paint love. idaho is getting a good amount of rt owners these days...
    I wish there were more in the Coeur D Alene area.
    Liking the progress man!
  • Just a random picture. ;)
  • r4ptorr4ptor Band Wagon
    Looks mint! :encouragement:
  • r4ptor wrote: »
    Looks mint! :encouragement:

    Thank you

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  • Got the wheels powder coated and mounted on the tires. The tires are 195/60/r14

    Here is a pic of the wheels and coilovers installed. Still need to lower it a bit more.

    Also need to replace the buckets on the lights so the corner light can fit perfectly.
  • We lowered the car a lot more today and changed the bucket for the drivers headlight.
  • CharbCharb Administrator
    Cars lookin great man!

    You guys should come across the border soon and we'll get a little wagon meet together. Message me your number.
  • Looks good man!
  • Charb wrote: »
    Cars lookin great man!

    You guys should come across the border soon and we'll get a little wagon meet together. Message me your number.
    Thanks. I will send you a pm.
    Looks good man!
  • This is just so I don't forget. 6/10/14 is when we got the wagon.
  • Added some sound deadening material
  • Today we put in the whole interior. We still need to fix a light on the climate control, put the spoiler thing back on, and get the windshield and window fixed. Here are some bad iPhone pics. Also we put on Prennro's RT4WD sticker on

  • We haven't put the rear mudflaps on yet.
  • I can't believe how nice that blue looks new!
  • bigdzysays wrote: »
    I can't believe how nice that blue looks new!
    Thank you. It's the lighting it doesn't look like that most if the time. Most of the time it's a little bit lighter.
  • Put on all 4 door panels from Eighty8crx they look brand new. First we cleaned the vinyl then the fabric with carpet cleaner.
    I believe these are from a blue 2wd wagon?


    The blue marks on the fabric are not stains.
  • Good progress!
  • Thank you

  • Yesterday was the day that I got the wagon 6 months ago.
    Here is a before and after pic. Still need to get the quarter panel window thing done, the back window rubber, and the windshield.
  • After the windows are done we will put on the spoiler and third brake light.
  • Good progress man
  • Thank you. Here are some new pictures. First wash with the new paint.




    And my two favorite pictures of the wagon

  • SPWSPW Senior Wagonist
    Man this wagon is so clean looking. Good job!
  • slo88crxslo88crx Senior Wagonist
    Looking very clean!!! Careful with those brush washes. They can scratch some beautiful paint!!!
  • Thanks guys. I looked through all of the brushes to find the best one.
  • bananebanane Band Wagon
    Love it, i like the Color <3
  • Thank you, it is the oem blue.
  • Today me and my dad were very happy to figure out that the 4wd works on our wagon.

    We ordered some light tailight and headlight tint today. We are going to put it on all of the lights on the front and the back.

    We bought a passenger side mirror for only $64 on Ebay. It was sun faded so i had to clean it, put back to black on it, put shoe polish on it, and then put some more back to black on it. It worked great. I don't know when it will be installed.


  • Private videos make me sad....otherwise good job!
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