91 FWD Auto build Ont Canada



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    Here in Ontario Canada it was no problem getting a new windscreen but that was over 2 years ago. Cost was 300.00 installed. Still made as far as I know. Thanks for the post.
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    I have not posted in a while but have still been improving the wagon. I installed these roof rails that I bought from the parts for sale section here on the forum and got some yakima towers to use with the old bars. This pic is from before I bought the proper bases for the towers. Also got the power steering working with a rebuilt rack bought from CTC. Unfortunately, the rack leaked badly but I got another one under warranty, but of course now I have to get another alignment done. But the newest rack does not leak so I am happy about that. Next project is to get the AC working, probably get at that in February sometime after I collect the parts I need. Car is away for the winter now.

    And I added a hoist to the garage. I was so sick of crawling around under cars that I was no longer enthused about working on them. I have no idea why this picture is upside down or how to fix it.

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    If you click on the lower pic it gives a right side up view.

  • That pic freaked me out. lol!

    What kind of lift did you get, how was the install?

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    It is a model YL140 from Rich equipment in Toronto. It is made in China somewhere. The install was fairly easy, most of it is already together. I used a small chainfall to get the posts upright and to lift them off the pickup. The posts are bottom heavy with all the hydraulics so if you have a smooth floor you can slide them in place once you stand them up. Anchor to the floor and then everything is plug and play. This one uses a 240 V supply but I already had an outlet for the welder so I use that for the hoist. So far no problems.

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