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  • So in futzing around with finding half shafts that don't vibrate my teeth out I made a couple of discoveries.

    1. You can install a drivers side half shaft on the passenger side. The inner joint fits the transmission but it is not correct because it is fully splined and does not have the support bushing area. This allows for a lot of slop on the inner joint. I bought my RT with two drivers side halfshafts installed. Some dingus...

    2. A DC Integra GSR halfshaft "fits" on the passenger side. The splines on the inner and outter are perfect. The part that does not fit is the dust shield on the outer. The Integra outer joint is a larger joint 85mm vs 80mm and uses a much larger dust seal. If you remove the dust seal from the halfshaft AND the metal dust cap from the knuckle the axle fits no problem. If you don't remove the offending pieces when you tighten up the axle nut you will have some serious binding issues.

    3. Wonder if the Integra intermediate shaft will fit the RT. I just happen to have one laying around.... Then I could run GSR half shafts on both side and gain larger joints.

    Having butter smooth axles with a lift is soooo nice! Don't settle for half shafts with tons of slop and massive vibrations. And because I need my GSR shaft back I see rock auto sells EMPI axles. Might order up a set of those and report back, a couple of lifted Subaru guys reported those to be some of the best.
  • DC Integra axle on the passenger side is holding up great! Onto my 4th or 5th drivers side axle.

    I dug out my DC Integra intermediate shaft to see if it can be fitted to use more common DC Integra axles on the drivers side.
  • Are you sure those fit. Looking up the part number, they are listed as fitting almost all of the civics from 88-91. The RT definitely doesn't use the same axles as any of the other cars listed.

    Wow, sorry I missed this. Been using these in the Wagon since this post. Haven't had any problems, yet.

    I did end up removing the ABS ring, just because I didn't need it.
  • There is no hope for the Integra intermediate shaft to be a direct bolt in. The bracket the bearing lives in is way off for bolting to the block. But I do wonder if the bearing bracket could be swapped. Wonder if the shafts are the same length.
  • Still running the same DA axles, no problems.
    Glad this thread has helped.
  • 91rt91rt Band Wagon
    Integra axles DO NOT FIT 1991 automatic rt4. Grease seal at outer joint is too big.
  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    would be surprised out of 6 pages this would be the first time its mentioned! maybe some mod should compile the first post with all the useful info from this thread sticky and lock it? lol
  • 91rt91rt Band Wagon
    That would be nice
  • MrWhoopeeMrWhoopee Wagonist
    Long time since an update. The A-1 Cardone reman. axles for RT4WD are still available from Summit Racing

  • I guess things change fast in the autoparts world. just six months ago this info was still good. The A-1 CARDONE part numbers for rear axles that used to be available at sumit racing and rock auto are no longer available. Anyone have any updated info on rear axles? :-( Maybe someone has suggestions for custom shops that can reman./build rear axles?

    If I could get the outer/inner joint with the correct splines for the rear hubs and diff, I could rebuild them myself. Anyone know if there are any other honda axles with the same spline count and diameter? Last resort, I suppose, is converting everything over to CRV running gear but then I'll loose my 6-speed.
  • The CV joints should be the same for left and right, correct? So I could get two left axles and use the joints to rebuild a right axle? Theoretically, of course. My theory is that since these are all reman axles, the splines on all the shafts should match. The only difference from left to right is shaft length. Maybe I'll go buy some and test it out for everyone.
  • Oh wait. I just checked both of those links and once you click through to try to buy them, they are both special order say "call for availability"... I'm thinking that just because there is a part number listed doesn't mean I can actually get them. There are part numbers listed on Autozone for rear axles too, but they are discontinued.

    Found these though!! http://insaneshafts.com/product/is-022-is-023/
  • For any one in the future looking; I found on the performance AWD hondas facebook group that you can make rear axles out of two long side 88 CRX HF axles.
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