Clutch cable problems?

Hi guys, I have a 1991 rt4wd wagon. I believe my clutch cable is stretched? I have to adjust it every couple days because it will start acting like it doesn't want to go in to gear, especially reverse, while it's running but shifts smooth while the car is off. Then I adjust the cable to tighten it and it's fine for a few days before it acts up again. I have attached a pic of what I can see of the assembly and it looks to me like it has already been braced and welded possibly? And so far have tried the ca-514 cable from autozone as well as a 91 integra ls cable from another auto parts store but both were too long. Hoping someone has some insight or advice to get this problem to go away as I have a long commute every day and don't want to end up with a car that won't shift while I'm on the highway.


  • greenteagodgreenteagod Moderator

    We've been talking about this just recently over on the discord as I've been having some clutch problems myself, come on by. I ended up going with an ATP Y-586 clutch cable.

    I'm not entirely familiar with that particular spring setup, showing in your picture. Both my wagons are 1990. One an RT4WD and one FWD. It definitely does look like a bit of bracing may be in there. Mine had some as well but the actual pivot point itself was bent and flexing.

    If you can get a recording of the pedal being engaged, both what you're seeing in the wagon, and where the cable is pulling on the clutch in the engine bay that would be very helpful. And like I said, come on by the discord.

  • How would I find the discord?

  • Also, it's saying the videos I took are too large to post

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