Infamous Oil Pan Gasket Q's

Hello Civicwagon community!

Long time no see! I'm back and this time I am back with a '91 RTI Auto wagon :o I just recently bought this and I found out that the oil pan has a gnarly leak. Of course I would like to fix this. I am hoping to get this done without pulling the trans. From what I read, you can get the oil pan out if your remove the transfer case?

I was hoping someone on here could shed some more light on how to remove the transfer case. Also I am assuming I will need to drain the transmission? I was also wonder does the transfer case have it's on type of fluid? or does it utilize the fluid in the transmission or? Does the transfer case have a I need to buy this seal or use hondabond?

Any info would be awesome! I'm going to start tackling this job tonight and I'd like to have it done by Sunday.

I am on IG if someone would like to DM me there for faster conversation 'Swagonwago' it's an old name...don't give me shit for it lol.


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