Help, 91 No front brakes, but rears work fine

Ive searched online and can't really find much helpful info for this year. I'm having a problem where the front brakes aren't working. At all. Press the brakes and wheel still turns from the fronts. Press the brakes and the backs tighten like they should. I get fluid coming from the lines to the front calipers, but after one pump of trying to bleed the brakes I don't get any fluid coming out at all. (Both sides) I tried to bleed each side at least 10 times and still nothing. I'm using the 2 man bleeding technique where one pushes the pedal and the other looses/tightens the bleeder screw. Still no front brakes. The master cylinder is always full and never lower then minimum when doing the bleeding. There seemed to have been a leak from the mc to the brake booster, but it doesn't leak anymore, Has signs of rust from where it leaked from previously, But no sings of leakage now. I looked over the brake lines for any leaks and/or rusted lines but nothing I can tell. I do have a minor vacuum leak from the brake booster as well tho, when you press on the brakes the idle goes lower and sounds like it misfires.

I also did a change of calipers that worked from a previous car and still no front brakes. I'm kinda more them stumped. Should I flush the system with new fluid? Did I do the bleeding process wrong? Is my master cylinder seals damaged from the inside? Should I look into the proportioning valve? Is the minor vacuum leak the main cause of my front brakes not working??

Again back brakes work fine, they are drum brakes. This is a automatic fwd wagon and the emergency brake has been cut also, not plugged.

Any thoughts?


  • could be the front brake lines might be clogged or like you said the brake booster has a leak and causing it to fail, i say do a complete brake fluid flush you never know how long its been since that's been done

  • Dunno if it's more related to the issue or adding on. But I found out one of my bleeder screws is letting it leak from the nipple or treads. Anyone know where I can get new ones? Or atleast ones that fit my oem front calipers?

  • i believe a regular the same era or just the correct size fitting will work i think auto store's carry them not for sure though

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