Roof rack options

My wagon has a bare roof and I've been on the hunt for a roof rack to carry a couple bikes. Finding an affordable new rack that isn't the suction cup type has proved to be a challenge. I came across this old JDM rack on eBay, I'm curious if it's really "rare" and worth what the seller's asking, and also what the relative carrying capacity might be if anyone knows. I don't want to punch holes in my roof for a rack that isn't worth it either.

No manufacturers list a rack for our cars anymore, as far as I can find. It looks like I could piece together a new permanently installed Yakima, but that gets expensive real fast. I feel like maybe one of these clamp on SportRack brand ones fit even though it doesn't list wagons, they keep coming up under universal rack searches and the mounting style seems pretty straightforward. The site has no specs/measurements though. I emailed the company but haven't gotten any response.

Feedback appreciated


  • I’ve never seen a OEM roof rack in person but it does look legit, me being me I wouldn’t pay that much for a rack. Everyone usually goes with Thule rack or another brand. I never really did any research for this but I would like a OEM one

  • I heard 96-99 subaru roof rails fit the wagon, i'm looking for those at the moment. theres a guy in cali thats has them and they look good

  • Nice, I’d like know if you pull the trigger on that and if it indeed fits. I went ahead and bought that OEM rack on eBay, I’ll document the install when I get to it.

    On another note I heard back from SportRack (which I didn’t know was owned by Thule until I got a reply), but they indicated the following clamp-on type racks would fit. There’s a link to the SportRack page in my initial post for anyone wanting to go that route.

  • Good info from sport rack, yeah it looks like I'm going with the subaru rails when i find a set, can't wait for your install

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