B18B Swap

Two part question, both seem obvious, but I'd rather ask than assume. I have 89' 2wd Wagovan auto and I'm looking at scooping a B18B. It comes with a laundry list or parts for the purchase price...

  1. – Motor
  2. – Hydraulic Tranny (Y80, S80,S4C)
  3. – ECU (P75)
  4. – Axles
  5. – Shift Linkage
  6. – Stock Motor Mounts
  7. – Alternator
  8. – Starter
  9. – Clutch
  10. – Flywheel
  11. – Intake Manifold
  12. – Exhaust Manifold
  13. – Fuel Rail
  14. – Injectors
  15. – Distributor
  16. – Partial Engine Harness
  17. – Comes With All Sensors Needed

Question 1 - This essentially makes everything a 94-01 Integra LS right? Last thing I want is to deal with confusion at Autozone on a fuel pump, plugs, etc. I know I need to do the auto to manual swap, but is there anything big missing from this list? Hub assembly 94-01 Teg? If the motor and tran are coming together is there any reason to worry about a hydro to cable conversion?

Question 2 - I have very basic mechanical knowledge, nothing as big as this. I have a brother who is willing to help who has built an old school 400, swapped trans, a lot more knowledge than myself. With the access to pre-made wiring harness etc. is this something that I really need to take into a shop for? I'm 300+ miles from the closest shop who could do this work and every shop has good and bad reviews. I was quoted $1200 for the swap and the auto to man conversion, plus long towing that would probably be in the range of $1200 to get it down there and back. It feels like there is so much info on the web and kits to make things easier that paying $2,500~ to tow-swap-tow is just wasting cash.

Thanks for any feedback.


  • I'm also basic Mechanical skilled. you'll need EF motor mounts, cable to hydro conversion you'll need jumper harness for the ECU, Distributor for OBD0-OBD1 i think injectors have to be repin not 100 percent sure on that, i think you'll need to use DA halfshaft/axles to fit the factory hubs on the wagon i can't think of anything else at the moment

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