Fly. Uber. Purchase. Blow Engine. Tow.

Life long Honda driver, first time Honda project builder. Found an 89' Wagon about 6 hours away for $1,500 with "wristpin noise". Since I didn't care about the OG engine I took the plunge and got it for $1,000. Messaged back and forth with the owner and he was 95% certain I could make the 6 hour drive back home... as the title shows I'm the 5%. The 20 minutes I drove it took me back to my first 84' Accord sedan and I loved it. Now it's home sitting in the garage while I get books and online info on where to go next. I purchased it for an eventual daily and leaning to a B20b and keeping it as an automatic, but I have so much to learn that could all change. If anyone knows of places to get true replacement hood, front bumper cover, and interior parts (carpets, door panels, etc.) I'd much appreciate it as I'm in definite need down the line.


  • Welcome to the site, going B20B and keeping it automatic sounds interesting definitely something different I never seen a swap like that everyone usually goes Manual when they swap. Finding parts is a little tricky but definitely doable, I would say check the parts section as of right now it’s a little slow in here. best bet is to look on Facebook groups for wagons there’s a good amount of people parting out wagons or have extra they’re selling check local junkyard if they have any wagons that’s a big IF

  • I appreciate the kindness in referring to "keeping it automatic sounds interesting." After seeing multiple references to slush boxes I might need to look into a manual swap. I'll keep digging for "easiest" swap candidates that I can get close to the 150hp range. Will definitely be making junkyard runs, but highly doubtful in my area. Thanks and hopefully progress pics sometime soon. I might be one of the rare ones with the money, but need the knowledge.

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