RT4WD tire and wheel fitment

I just picked up a '91 RT4WD, check my post in new user intros for more info.

I would like to get some 15x6 or 15x7 wheels and taller/wider tires. Not going super swamper, not wanting to lift the suspension, just maybe a 195/65 tire that's preferably 3PMSF.

I like basket weaves, and TIre Rack indicated the Enkei 92 in 15x7 with +38mm offset will fit. Just wondering about that tire size on a wheel like that. Thanks!


  • Well I have the opportunity to pick these up from a friend in trade for some work. Not sure of the offset (they were on a CRX) but they are 16x7.5. I’d like to put like a 205/55 tire on them, something that’s a competent all season. Getting them soon for test fitting, anyone’s thoughts on clearances? I’ve attached some specs for a 205/55R16.

  • It might work if you stay stock height on the other hand I think 55 might be a little to big rubbing might occur if you lower ride height

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    Thanks for your input. Definitely not wanting to lower the car. Actually looking forward to a little more ground clearance from the increased tire diameter.

  • Got the old Könïg Tünërs installed. The crusty old BFG Euro T/A tires are 205/40R16. I think by the clearances I’d be fine going up to a 205/55. The diameter increase would be about 2.4”, so 1.2” taller all the way around, and the tread is 1.5” narrower.

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