Finally my first Wagon

Finally got my first wagon! I know absolutely nothing about the Ef series Honda’s so this will be a new learning curve for me although I’ve owned a 2005 rsx type s and later on a 2000 Em1 Si so hopefully going back a few generations won’t be too difficult.

1991 Manual 5 speed Fwd 138k original miles, 2 owners! Original d15 motor. Everything works and shifts like butter. Only thing it needs is a clutch pedal adjustment, alignment, new wiper blades and possibly some gasket work to the original engine and other basic tune ups. Enjoy the pics. Not sure if I want to do a mild build or keep it all stock...


  • @AliensNwagons the wagon looks very clean Low miles only 2 owners wow, mild build would be nice 1.5 is way to slow haha

  • superhatchsuperhatch Moderator

    Wow that thing looks great! With those other two cars in the background I'm assuming that this is going to get a treatment of some sorts?

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