Hello!! From Houston,Tx

Hello everyone hope everyone well in this Crazy

times!! This is my first wagon Rt4wd.. always want one but never found a good one at fair price!! Anyways hello


  • welcome to the site @HTXwagon, The wagon looks like its in good condition any more pictures any plans for the future

  • superhatchsuperhatch Moderator

    Welcome to the site! The wagon looks almost pristine from that angle. With a good detail job I'd bet it would look new!

  • arries289arries289 Wagonist

    Welcome to the site. What year is that? How many miles?

  • Hello.. Its 91 rt4wd has 254.xxx miles auto that i cant stand but will do for now.. Has some rust on both rear quarter panels that am working on looking for good set to buy.. My plans are fix it up clean not sure what motor i want to put in it yet.. Its out of K or B awd set up.. If anybody can help out with any info on swap would be apprecited.. Clean interior but just bought some cleaner front door panels to replace with.. looking for some clean back ones etc..

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