White 1991 Civic Wagon

Yo! Here is a quick update. Got to work on the wagon a bit. It's pretty close to being daily worthy! Only a handful of things left.

Here is what I did last weekend:

Got some new wheels for the wagon off a friend. Super happy with them.

I really need to replace that headlight man.

I had to use acetone, heat gun, and a plastic scraper to get all the plasta-dip off these bumpers i got from a pick-n-pull. It took way longer than it should have. Curse anyone that uses plasta-dip man.

Then I used cerakote on all the black trim thing. I'm satisfied with the results so far.

Previous owner had gotten some noname exhaust and welded some piping together with his eyes closed (-_-). He ran it underneath the rear differential too. Replaced it with a magnaflow and tried to make it sit like the stock exhaust.

So close to being finished I can taste it..


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