88 Civic Wagon Suspension

I have added 15's (Integra Fat Fives) to my new 88 RT wagon and it seems very high, like I can fit my whole hand between the wheel and fender. I have been toying with the idea of doing a subtle drop, maybe an inch or so, a little lower than stock, but definitely not slammed. In doing research and looking through the Suspension Discussion thread i see that I can use 88 EF stock shocks with DA springs, with maybe some cutting. I also noticed there was a thread on suspension set ups and what other users used and what they thought. It was kind of an older thread and i wondered if anyone had newer information or reviews and could shed some light on Truhart Street Plus coil overs? They are not too expensive and I can adjust the drop. I drive the car mostly via the highway for commuting, occasionally driving down rough back roads if the main highway is too clogged. I do not plan on doing any racing or other fast driving. I value comfort more than being able to go fast around corners. I also do not want to mess up the RT AWD.

I appreciate all your help.


  • I never had truhart I don’t know from experience but I just hear bad reviews with that brand that’s word of mouth in some threads and online discussions I’ve read through. Not sure if you want to do some more research on them, I have function and forms on my wagon it’s lowered no gap what’s so ever they ride ok a little bouncy at times (maybe to low) but once I get my lazy ass up I’ll have to raise it just a little to my liking

  • The issue with the RT is that it's suspension is designed to be higher than the regular EF line. So when you get springs/struts, slip on coils or coils you end up having to deal with those few extra inches. I've got some skunk2 coils for an EF Hatch on my car and the drop you see below is with the coils basically fully lifted.

    So I wouldn't trust a cheap coil and how it's going to look much less ride on an RT wagon.

  • This looks great I really like how the wagon sits to me it’s perfect not to low and the wheel gap is gone

  • That is a very nice drop. I would definitely like a set up like that. I agree, a cheap set up is not worth it. I had Progress II coil overs in my EG and I was very happy with them. I am thinking about getting EF Progress II coils and putting them on the wagon. Pictured below are my previous 90 hatch and 94 Civic. Hatch had Ebay coilovers which I will never use again.

  • Progress coils are a solid choice. My Skunk2 Pro-S II coils were only about $800 which is a good mid range price I think and I've really liked them.

  • Just installed my Progress CS II coil overs last weekend. The quality is great and it is a lot smoother than my 1988 OEM suspension! Very glad I chose these coil overs!

  • @cjwang2 That drop looks great! Did you buy the EF hatch coils? If so what were the settings like?

  • I did buy the EF Hatch coils at 250/350. Was a very easy install and only took a couple of hours. The ride is great, a lot smoother than the original stock suspension.

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