My Red Gem RT

Here’s my other wagon ALL FACTORY a little high mileage 1989 RT4WD Manual transmission this will be a little project from complete engine maintenance from gaskets, hoses to belts it definitely needs it SOON and hopefully in the future body work and fresh paint keeping this all Stock except for suspension the wheel gap is to much for me we’ll see what happens but for now it sits as is


  • This looks like a great project. Just a little TLC and it will shine!

    Whats the white thing on the drivers door?

  • @superhatch Yeah just a little TLC it’ll come out great but I won’t touch anything just yet, it’s going to take sometime. those are cup holders on the driver/passenger doors they came with the car when I bought it. Did a little research and they’re universal cup holders for boats they sell them on eBay I’ll get a better picture for you folded out

  • Hello all, not really a huge update just something I wanted to throw in here. First I wanna say thank you to @superhatch for selling me this LSD

    I bought new carrier bearings awhile ago i forgot to post it, I bought a 2nd pair of carrier bearings just waiting for them to arrive

    This one is kind of a big deal to me at least, I started to rebuild one of my Viscous coupler

    I’m not a mechanic anyone can do it, if they have the correct tools and research. I took a break I’m still in the middle of doing the rebuild I’ll update as I go. Thank you for reading

  • arries289arries289 Wagonist

    Love that 89! Looks to be complete with minimal rust. Good find!

  • Thank you, Me too I know it’s been a year but I’m just now buying parts for it now little by little, yeah this just randomly popped up on Facebook one night and bought it the next day haha

  • Vtec_ShuttleVtec_Shuttle Wagonist
    edited February 12

    I rebuilt my 1st Viscous Coupler last month and rebuilt my spare today I still need to paint it

    Also I’m starting to get parts in for the major maintenance job I have to do to this wagon still need more

    And I’m upgrading my driveshaft with 1310 u joints, flanges and yokes in order to make these fit properly you need to take off the transmission flange and differential flange get them machined a little so they can sit flush the the new setup hopefully I can get this done next week

  • Vtec_ShuttleVtec_Shuttle Wagonist

    A little update, I found a shop to upgrade my driveshaft with the 1310 joints, flanges and yokes. They did replace the rear shaft to 2.25 or 2.50 I have to find the receipt also the front shaft they cut and welded a little piece to make it easier for them to install the joint/flange. I haven’t installed it yet still waiting on parts.

    i also sent out my spare rear Differential to get rebuilt with Seals, bearings and Quafie LSD from TrustFab on IG

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