Best brand of ball joint for Wagon

I'll be doing a write up of what all has been done to my wagon in the near future once I get photo hosting figured out that is not silly photo bucket. To the point of this thread though. I'm looking to see what lower ball joints you all have had the most luck with. My wagon makes good power. About 340 at the wheels, and all of the rest of the suspension is from Hardrace and I am about to finish it off with Fortune Auto 500's. I've replaced many ball joints over the years, and have normally used Moog for most of those replacements because they have been trustworthy to last. What have you all used with higher horsepower FWD wagons, or even track/autox cars that will stand up to the extra strain created by racing a car. It won't be very low or stanced, but will be lowered a bit. Maybe an inch gap above the tires or so. Maybe more. Depends on how the weight comes out on the scales.

Anyway, what are your recommendations on lower ball joints? What have you used with great success?


  • I've used moog in the past as well, and while they hold up better than an autoparts store brand they aren't a performance part by any means. I think Im going to try out the Buddy Club or hard race versions.

    This site has a good list of options once you put our car year/make etc in there. SPC/Hardrace/Buddy Club.
  • Looked at the roll center Hardrace parts. Do you think those are a necessity if the car isn't slammed? Read on the Buddy Clubs that if you're running adjustable UCA's then they are nearly a necessity. Thoughts? Pretty pricey, unless they make that much of a difference
  • Well the lower ball joints do wear out pretty quickly if you are lowered. I would suggest using a Moog at the very least.

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