New to forum, but not to wagons

Good day all, my name is David and like the title says I am new to the forum (at least posting, been using the content for many years), but I'm not new to Wagovans, RT4WD's, and plain jane Civic wagons. I've owned nearly a dozen EF/EE/ED Civics, with a handful being wagons. I'm from NC, I've lived in VA, CA, HI (yes, Hawaii, aloha to any braddahs on here), VA, SC, GA, etc. My current wagon is a blue 89 FWD with a built DOHC ZC (Wiseco pistons, Crower rods, CSS block), Garrett BB GT28RS turbo, air to water intercooler setup, built trans with MFactory ZC LSD/ZC equal length axles, and an Action clutch. All suspension pieces (upper and lower front arms, and rear lower arms) and bushings are from Hardrace, struts are currently in transit to be replaced ASAP (Fortune Auto 500's). Tires are Continental Extreme Contact Sport 205/50/15's, on Drag DR-16 wheels, and I'm currently using Hawk Racing pads to get it all stopped. I'll eventually post up a showcase type thread. This car started out as a rusty leftover, and long story short, its now a restomod. I took patch panels from a clean body that had no title. After a lot of cutting, welding, and body work, it started coming together.

Anyhow, thanks for adding me. Ive been building engines, and specifically working on these cars for nearly 2 decades now. I've built a lot of these cars, engines, and transmissions for street and track and am willing to share any knowledge that I have with any and all of you. Hope to be able to contribute here and learn from all of your experiences as well.


  • Welcome to the forum! Sounds like a hot ride. We'd love to see some pics of what ya got.
  • I definitely plan to post up some pictures, the site just doesn't allow me to post attachments at this point. Its pretty quick at 18 psi coming out of the GT28RS. Once the suspension is sorted the rest of the way, I'm definitely taking it to a track to see what quarter mile times it will lay down. Having built many fast cars in the past, this car should run a high to mid 11 if it can get traction. Low 12's on street tires easily. Its seen its fair shares of stop light to stop light blasts and surprised many a 5.0 mustang. Them and Camaro drivers seem to get most offended by a little blue lunchbox outrunning them lol.
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