Bought My First Wago!

totalled my prius a couple months ago. flipped a subaru that ran a stop sign. the plan was to get another prius, because honestly it was such a good car (especially for deliveries), but i hated being under a loan. i've always wanted an old civic hatch since i was a kid. saw one for sale in town and jumped on it. it's in great shape but has some quirks i'll have to work out. heater doesnt work. no cigarette lighter. but mostly, the guy that had it before me cut the coils to lower it and because of this the muffler has come off too many times on deliveries up into the mountains. so i'm riding without it until i lift it back up (just no accelerating around cops). good runner though and i'm loving every minute of it. looking forward to posting progress and learning from everyone else's posts.

here's the she-ra: '89 wago fwd






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