[EE/EY/EF] Installation of OEM Rear Optional Speaker Pods

Hello all, I installed the rear pods today along with the jdm intermitten rear wiper controller yesturday, there is a write up for both now, hope this helps anyone who got stuck. For this I decided to use a jdm gathers 6.5" speaker since I can retain the option of using a honda speaker connector and honda's 3 bolt speaker screw down pattern that will match the pods 3 screw holes enjoy! :mrgreen:

Step 1: Obtain The Pods: :shock:

Step 2: Prep Rear To Be Gutted & Fold Down Rear Seats:

Step 3: Unfasten Rear Seat Carpet Clips & Remove The 2 Hidden 10mm Screws:

Step 4: Remove Rear Seat Plastic Collar Spacer On Both Sides By Pulling Up And Out On The Tab, Pull Seat Towards You To Derail It from The Center Support Bracket:

Step 5: Completely Remove Rear Seats W/Carpet & Trunk Tray As A Whole:

Step 6: Remove The Rear Seat Bolt Rubber Cover And Unfasten Both The Left & Right 17mm Bolts:

Step 7: Remove all Black Plastic Screw Clips & Remove The Left & Right Side Paneling By Popping The 3 Clips Below The Glass & 2 By The Tail Lights Then Locate The Accessory Marked Blue Tape & Untape the Speaker Cord:

Step 8: Grab Your Metal Mounting Brackets & Align Them To Be Screwed In:

Step 9: Use A Step Drill aka Unibit To Cut Out The 2 Bigger Circles That Are Marked From The Factory, Double Check Fitment Width As You Go:
Unfortunately The Middle Hole Is Not Marked From The Factory And Needs To Be Marked With The Sharpie To Ensure Proper Alignment, Once Marked You Can Make The Hole For The Center Bolt Hole:

Step 10: Drill Out A Hole For The Speaker Patch Cord To Enter Inside The Pod, At This Point You Will Need To Hold Up The Pod To The Paneling And Mark The Hole On The Paneling By Making A Mark Thru The Speaker Cord Hole With A Sharpie/Pen, Pull Pod Away And Drill The Marked Speaker Cord Hole Into The Paneling As Marked:

Step 11: Install The Supplied Patch Cord Extender From The Kit:

Step 12: Guide The Speaker Cord Through The Paneling Hole (The Hole You Have Drilled To Enter Into The Bottom Pod) Install The Paneling To The Vehicle And Pop The Metal Clips In Place, Install The Round Spacer Coller Into The Middle Bolt Hole As Shown:


Step 13: Grab A Speaker Pod Top Shell And Align It With The Holes, Grab The 3 Longer 10mm Bolts And Secure Them Down:

Step 14: Grab The Bottom Half Of The Speaker Pod Shell And Install The Speaker Cord Thru Its Hole And Align The Bottom Pod To The Upper Pod, Then Screw In The 4 Phillips Screws Up Into The Holes:

Step 15: If You Have A Honda Speaker I Recommend Adding The Factory Plug To Allow A Secure Connection That Wont Pop Off The Terminals If You Hit A Bump etc:

Step 16: Drop The Speaker Into The Pod & If Its A Honda 3 Bolt Design You Got It Made, Just Screw In The 3 Philips Screws & Enjoy! :lol:


  • shenrieshenrie Council Member
    Nicely done. I did this a few weeks back, but I didnt have the metal piece that sits behind the plastic. I made due, but I didnt know how burried the speaker leads were. Now I know where to locate without removing a ton a stuff.. Thanks man!
  • ...pattern that will match the pods 3 screw holes enjoy!

    I did...really good...
  • So that's how it's supposed to go! I'm a little surprised that the holes aren't just pop-outs, but hey... it doesn't get much simpler than that!
    Nice write up once again!
  • astutoastuto Wagonist
    fuckin awesome dude.... five starts nice write up dude nice....thats call skills :twisted: just a question? so the cables for the rear speakers are already installed on the car or you had to add them, thanks dude
  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    wagons are pre-wired for rear speaker pods.
  • michaelhinkle1michaelhinkle1 Senior Wagonist
    wagodizzle wrote:
    wagons are pre-wired for rear speaker pods.


    why arn't the holes pre drilled then?

    this interests me.

    where are the wires run to?
  • astutoastuto Wagonist
    lol yeah true... anyways where can i find the pods for the rear speaker, of course besides THE HONDA DEALER
  • They are pre wired, but only the patch cord came with the speaker pod kit to extend the speaker wires up to the pod.

    That would be nice if they were pre-drilled and have a cover or a rubber grommet that pops out, but you would still have to access the cord blue-taped to the body harness and extend that up and out, they should have made it easier but oh well :roll:

    As far as Honda still selling them, they dont, they are discontinued but a few dealers still had some on hand. I hate to say this but the 5 pod kits you see uptop were the last 5 that remianed in the US, I purchased them from different dealers across the US, used one kit for myself, a brown kit went to my friend and the other 3 I sold on ebay about 6-7 months ago. Had I been a member of this site I would have told you guys I had them for sale up on ebay :? sry (shot myself in the foot for that one) but you never know someone still might have a new set sitting in a box somewhere like I did for awhile before deciding to sell them.
  • michaelhinkle1michaelhinkle1 Senior Wagonist
    ebay is your best bet on buying pod, usually they go for around 120$ + shipping.

    i see them for sell here and there on ebay and maybe once or twice on craigslist.

    you just gotta keep a good eye out and google everyday.
  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    friend of mine in Ohio found a set of pods in a junkyard, installed them in his wago then eventually blew his engine and junked his wagon along with the speaker pods :x grrr jeeez i was pissed, haha but oh wellz... :roll:
  • Sad, my buddies looking for a set of blue pods if anyones got any... I sold all mine :roll:
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
  • My car has the pods already in. There are wires hanging out to hook the speakers up too.
    My question is where can I fin the front of the wires? Will they be under the dash. If so what color, what type of ends, etc.
    Theres no stereo in the car right now (just a big hole). I've got a small 4 channel amp that I'll probably put under the passanger seat so I'll need to route the wiring from the rear pods to that.
  • udubrx7udubrx7 Senior Wagonist
    my 90 wagon dx came with the speaker pods stock as an option, but I've never seen the bottom part of the pod ever since my aunt gave it to my family, its always been just the top part....... my dad fabbed some brackets to support it, but they have always buzzed and rattled like crazy and still do, I'm about ready to take them out and just make some kind of little box, then I can have whatever kind of speakers I can wire into my head unit! I have the "extra bass" feature on my head unit turned off, the balance two clicks towards the front, and the bass set on -3 (on a scale from -10 to 10), and that is the most bass I can run without it buzzing from the pods!! I've also spent 3 hours out in the sun trying to put rubber shims and whatnot in, but I never could get rid of it all; I replaced the little "speaker gasket" piece that goes between the pod and the speaker but that didn't help either. I'm not asking for help here, I'm just saying; if you're about to spend $120 on ebay to get these little pods - you might want to take a deep breath and think about all of your other options first.

    In my opinion anyways.....

  • White&NerdyWhite&Nerdy Senior Wagonist
    Thanks to these awesome instructions, it's got me wondering how some other pod type speakers could be installed using the factory mounting points - something larger and better sounding than stock. As long as you can fabricate a bracket, it would probably be even cheaper than the factory pod option, and definitely sound better. Just a thought.
  • StockStock Wagonist
    I'm guessing wagon rear pods are harder to find than hatches, huh? :?
  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    Stock wrote:
    I'm guessing wagon rear pods are harder to find than hatches, huh? :?

    oh yeah
  • White&NerdyWhite&Nerdy Senior Wagonist
    I'd just like to post a great big THANK YOU to 4WD-TwinCam for this post. I'm having a REALLY easy time installing these because of the info here. :twisted:
    damn that was a vary nice write up.
  • preaty sweet......i almost bought a wagon ata tow yard aution with them on but an old man had a stiffy for the dam thing
  • jeez i want so want for my car!!
  • AlphaxomegaAlphaxomega Senior Wagonist
    first sight of these on the market i am buying them fo'sho!
  • subscribed
  • MrLewayneMrLewayne Wagonist
    Excellent write up!
  • simplyhondasimplyhonda Council Member
    Used this today to install my pods. Nice writeup. For some reason though, I had to alter th factory marked holes so they would line up. This required me hacking up my panels a little more than I liked, but you can't see it once the pods are installed. They look awesome! Thanks!
  • wow! amazing, thinking of doing this now...
  • 90-EE90-EE Band Wagon
    I want to do this soooo bad! ... If only i could find some pods!

    Today I was looking for the speaker wires too! Thanks for the location! Gonna tear into that tomorrow!
  • My 88RT apparently had them installed (badly) by a previous owner. It appears that they were removed in haste (by someone wanting the speakers and not wanting to go to jail) by breaking them off from the mounting bolts. All I have are the bolts and the blue plastic surrounding them. :( At least they unplugged the connectors instead of cutting or tearing out the wiring. :)
  • what r the oe part numbers? My dealer here is a friggin dee dee dee. Thanks.
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