Engine died in flight?

I have a 1991 wagovan, 1.5L engine automatic that randomly dies. It happens while driving for no apparent reason. Does not restart for about 5-10mins, then it’s fine. Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas what’s wrong? Seems it can be a needle in haystack problem. No recalls on this wagovan. Thx.


  • Intermittent issues like this are likely electrical or ignition. Have you checked/replaced the main relay yet? That is a common fault. I would also inspect the running fuel pressure, fuel pressure regulator, and coil and rotor/cap. What you are describing does sound like the main relay however.
  • ricards2ricards2 Band Wagon
    Is your car throwing some codes?
  • CCWagoCCWago Band Wagon
    It did throw a code: EFI Main Relay :)

    Good suggestion!
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