Hi from Croatia

My name is Alen and i live in croatia... I currently own a 1991 ee5 realtime sedan which is waitng to go back on the road for a long time, and a fwd ee2 wagon which i have converted to rt4wd recently. My goals for the wagon is a k20 turbo awd or rwd, and for the sedan is a d16z2 (a6) turbo...


  • Welcome to the site Alen. Search around and I think you can find whatever you need to know about your wagon. Make a build thread when you can because we all want to see pictures of your build!
  • andreas542andreas542 Band Wagon
    They both sound like great cars! Pictures please! :D

    Welcome to the forum!
  • MarasMaras Band Wagon
    Pa lijepi pozdrav, Alen. :encouragement:
  • ricards2ricards2 Band Wagon
    Welcome! Good luck on building your wagon.
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