Future wagon owner

What’s up everyone. I live in the PNW and I’m just here to lurk for now. I had a 4WD wagon close to 20 years ago. We were away on vacation and when I got home, my car was gone. A neighbor that didn't like me called the police and complained that the car was abandoned. By the time I got home, the car was already at the auto wrecker and was basically a lost cause. Been wanting another one ever since. So now I’m in the market to find another one. I have my eye on one over in Seattle, but I need to sell my Scion first.

My plans for a build are coil overs, mini me or Frankenstein swap, some nice wheels and some jdm goodies. Just here to get some info for this future project and check out everyone’s wagons. ✌🏽


  • Welcome to the site! I am sure you can get great ideas from all over the site. Where in WA do you live?
  • NormNorm Band Wagon
    I’m in the Yakima area. You in Washington too?
  • Yup, Spanaway!
  • andreas542andreas542 Band Wagon
    Welcome to the forum! Not many active users currently, but things might pick up again, who knows :)
  • NormNorm Band Wagon
    Still some good info even without new activity. Just won’t be able to ask many questions 😂
  • arries289arries289 Wagonist
    Yo! Welcome to the site!
  • superhatchsuperhatch Moderator
    Oof, that is a rough way to lose a wagon.

    Welcome to the site!
  • NormNorm Band Wagon
    Well, I’m finally selling my Scion this weekend. Of course the wagon I was looking at in Seattle is sold now, buuuut I have found another that’s close by and probably the cleanest EF I’ve seen. If everything works out, I’ll be posting pictures later this weekend. It’s a 90 RT4WD on FF coilovers, no A/C unfortunately but I’m planning on installing it. See how it goes
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