Wiper delete?

Hey guys when I bought my wagon the rear wiper was already deleted leaving a hole in my back hatch right under the glass on the metal part of the body. I have looked online and see that there are delete plugs for 88-2000 Civics but it does not specify if it will work for my wagon. I know this has been gone over before but the last post I can see was from years ago. Does anyone know of a wiper delete that will fit or something else that would fit such as an antenna delete plug from a different car? The one on my Integra antenna looked like it would almost fit the hole but I don't have it to check anymore. Thanks for any help in advance. I hope this is in the right section 🙃


  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    Delete plugs from other Civics should work just fine. The Integra may work too, but since those wipers are in the glass it might be a little different.
  • ricards2ricards2 Band Wagon
    I was told before that the wiper delete plug from a VW mk4 can be used.
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