Radiator fan problems

So I am having problems with my radiator fan turning on. I took the coolant temp sensor off and jumped it with a paper clip however that did not turn the fans on. I then tested the fan itself and it works just fine I also changed relays multiple times and that doesn't fix it I know that the car is supposed to be on the on position when jumping it but it does not start the fans. I even pulled the coolant temp sensor plug off because I was going to replace it and jumped the wired directly to each other. Still nothing. Right now I have a toggle switch wired to the relay so I can still turn the fans on/off but I would like to get it back to stock. Is there anything else I can check? I have also checked the fuses under the dash but there all good. Any help is greatly appreciated this is driving me crazy. Thanks in advance. -Jack the wagoman


  • There is a fan switch that turns the fans on and off. Is that what you checked.....when you wrote "temp sensor"?
  • Yes I checked the switch that plugs into the temp sensor on the head. The one with the 2 pin connection by jumping it with a paper clip. The fans did not turn on however my fuses and relay are fine.
  • if it is still an 88-91 block, it should have the fan switch in the back of the motor under the inake manifold. the 2 wire sensor on the head is the coolant temp sensor.
  • Oh this is new news to me. I thought that there was only the one sensor I didn't know there was one under the intake for the fans. I am new to D series motors I have had b series in the past an never ran into this problem. Thank you so much for your input civtec350 this is super useful for me!
  • Yeah, thanks civtech for explaining it better. That is what I was talking about. The switch is above and just to the right of the oil filter. I just replaced one and I used Rockauto.
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