Help identifying roof rack!!

I need some help from the community! I purachased this wagon a few months ago for $300! The photos that were up on Facebook marketplace made the car look great. I made arrangements to pick the car up and once I arrived I noticed that the photos were older and not how the car currently sat.... I picked it up anyways but the roof rack was taken off and now I have 8 holes in my roof. Can anyone help me identify this rack? I only have these photos but any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • I can't identify it, but I can tell you that the USDM OEM rack looks nothing like that. Nice grab on the wagon thou for 300!
  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    was this wagon from a member on here? Maybe you could find his old build thread and identify it that way?
  • Thanks! And the usdm rack definitely does but I was trying to avoid having to body work the roof....
  • And it wasn’t, it’s been passed around the last few years and I can only go back so far before I lose it’s trail. I’ll keep searching though!
  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    I saw a mid-80s Subaru wagon the other day and this rack looks very similar to that one's.
  • wftbwftb Wagonist
    I bought a used USDM roof rack from a member on here. He warned me it was kind of flimsy and thats why he never used it. I decided to only use the permanently mounted side rails and combine them with some Yakima stuff. Along the way I discovered that the Yakima side rails that are designed to be permanently mounted to the roof are pretty much the same as the USDM side rails. So I used the USDM side rails attatched with rivnuts right beside the rubber joint cover and got some used Yakima control towers. Combined them with the Yakima round bars and locks from the old set and now I can take the racks on and off in 2 minutes or less.

    So if your roof already has holes, get a rivnut kit and some Yakima(or Thule) permanent mount side rails and use new or used stuff to fit. If you PM me your email I can send some pics of the setup.
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