How to: Make an aftermarket shift knob fit like OEM

I haven't posted here in ages, and not exactly a member of any other Honda forum, but wanted this up somewhere if it helps someone else out. Sorry if this has been done before, I'm not terribly active on forums anymore...

For the past few years I've been occasionally living vicariously when it comes to Honda with my g/f's new (for her) '10 Civic sedan. I've done a bit of work on it here and there (though it's nice that it's a car that actually doesn't require a lot of work all the time) and she's also wanted to dress a few things up on it, albeit within reason (ya, I infected her with the mod bug :P ).

One of the things was the shift knob. She wanted to change it out, but wasn't interested on spending a fortune on just a shift knob either. She decided on the one she wanted and, it's a nice one, but they aren't made like they use to last I remember. I had a blue, leather Momo knob in my wagon back in the day and the set screws that came with it were pointed, so they dug right into the shift lever and never had a problem with it. Hers came with set screws that were flat, and I couldn't find any that were pointed anywhere locally.

No matter how tight I'd turn the flat set screws, the knob came loose after a while. I wanted to do something about it cause I didn't want the knob coming off on her, especially in an emergency situation. So here's what I did to make an aftermarket shift knob fit like OEM.

First, found a used, crappy-looking knob.


As you can see, scored one for free. Didn't wanna use a new knob or even a good one cause I hacked it up for the treads within:
(PS, turns out the OEM knob on the 8th gen has solid hunk of metal just under the shift pattern at the top)


Hacked and grinded away the knob until the tube of threads fit up into the aftermarket knob and let the JB Weld dry. I masked off the knob and shift boot clip to keep em clean.


And voila, and aftermarket knob that threads on like OEM.


I did this for her about a year ago and it's been a non-issue since. I should really take an interior pic one day...
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