Custom cup holders and over head console for EF

Guys, I've been working on some prototypes recently since I got back into the EF game and really want a good cup holder and over head console. Wanted to see your guys opinions of these and ideas if you have any. I'm thinking about making them for all the EF models.



  • I would love to see you come up with a cup holder solution for the automatics. I would be in for that for sure.
  • stampernstampern Senior Wagonist
    arries289 - I'm getting close. Could you do me a favor. Could you post a picture of your shifter in park and a side view of the gap between the shifter and the radio console. The non RT auto is really close, like 3 inches, curious if the RT Auto is the same.
  • Hey stampern, I am just seeing this. Been out of town for a funeral. I should be able to post some pics this weekend. Thanks!
  • ricards2ricards2 Band Wagon
    Awesome idea! Did you make one for auto's?
  • Those look pretty great, wondering if you could line it up with the OEM screw holes so you could use a longer screw and really secure it.
  • I know this is an old thread, but here is what I did to my wagon:

  • @cjwang2 i have those on my red wagon but they're on my driver/passenger door

  • stampernstampern Senior Wagonist

    I have full custom cup holders available now - I have like 4 different ones for the wagons and other EF models too. Check them out at

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