Heater box leak leak? Water passenger floor when it rains

Water puddles on right side below glove box after a rain. Not a huge amount, but enough.

So far, pulled the wipers, the large plastic cover and the rubber dam.
Cleaned out the area where water runs down the windshield and is supposed to exit the car below.
Turns out a rat had been living in there at some point (I've been breathing that in for 3 years? Disgusting)
Tried using #12 coated electrical wire to clear the drain but not sure I accomplished it.
Shouldn't have started this project with rain imminent as had to quit and tarp it.

Can't tell, where could the water be getting in? This model Honda doesn't have the heater box intake open to the engine (a common cause in other models) so how can water get down there as there is a black plastic cover (afraid to remove for fear of breaking it) over the access.
Also, any idea where I get replacements for the little black plastic rivets and caps I've broke so far?

Thanks for your advice!


  • its been a while since i had my wagon, but i do remember having the roof drip rail molding off to clean and put silicone in the front part of the channel, because it leaked down the windshield a-pillar. i think i was able to take off the inside a-pillar trim and i saw some drops going down it. maybe thats where yours is coming from.
  • SiWagonSiWagon Council Member
    The prob is there's a big retanglelish hole for venting under the right cowl cover. This was the same prob on later teg .Late tegs used a cover of some kind.I believe this cover can probably b used on the wgn.
    Where I live on rainy nights I don't park down hill to the right.For some reason water enters the same way as yours.I park in the same spot ,but back up into this tiny dip & it's ok still facing down hill to the right.
    Check teg forums for more info.

    Another possibility is maybe the cowl cover seal maybe leaking if there's one?Causing water to drip off the cover into the vent hole.
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