LSD for the RT D series - Whoopee Doo Racing

I saw this on the evil Facebook. I am in no way involved in this but I thought I would pas it along for those who are interested.


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    Come on guys! Only a little time left and we still need a couple more people to get these made! It would be more than twice the cost if we had to get them made on our own (trust me, I have done this before).
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    I paid a deposit on a pre order but have had VERY limited communication from him. I get Promises on updates on certain dates that don't come through. Fingers crossed something does eventually happen

  • @superhatch is this what you told me about that day I came to your house ?

  • rti intracrti intrac Senior Wagonist

    I've had a email from chris

    I'll get right down to it since you're all wondering what is going on with this.

    At the time I started the pre-order, there was another entity attempting to do the same thing. I had the upper hand as I shipped out the sample differential to MFactory weeks before they did. Unfortunately it arrived during the Chinese New Year and nobody was there to accept it so it was returned to me. My contact at MFactory advised me to wait on shipping it back until he could confirm the address (he works remotely and is not based at the MFactory HQ). For reasons beyond my understanding MFactory gave him a difficult time with this and during this period the other entities sample had been received so they were able to attain the pre-order. To make a long story short, the other entity took an extremely long time to get the prototype testing completed and once completed was delayed in paying for the order. Throw in a shipping delay and the production batch should be arriving shortly to them. I had hopes I would be able to work a deal with MFactory to get more units added to the batch due to the shipping mishap with the sample, but was unsuccessful in doing so. The other entity is not going to reorder so now I am waiting to hear back from MFactory on whether they will do a batch for me or not. Covid-19 is affecting this decision but I am not sure to what extent. I am expecting a yes or no decision by the end of this month. I have no idea what the timeline looks like for it, but I expect the usual 6-8 weeks production time if they will produce another batch. 

    If they say no, or have not made a decision either way by the end of the month, I will issue a full refund to everyone on Friday May 1st. If that is what ends up happening, refunds will be issued by Cashier's Check and sent via USPS to your shipping address on file from your order. If your shipping address has changed since you placed your order, please let me know before the end of April. Too much time has passed for a refund to your original method of payment to be issued. You may also opt for a store credit with no expiration date. If you would like to go that route, let me know before April 30th (note that if you opt for a credit and the decision is made on or before April 30th to produce the LSD's you will not receive a credit and will receive the LSD). If chosen, store credit will be available beginning on May 1st.

  • @Vtec_Shuttle Yup!

    Kind of a bummer. I hope that it works out for us, but it also means there is another vendor out there that was doing this. There is a chance that those wern't done on a pre-order and the LSDs might still be available on the market.

  • From Chris:

    "Great news, I've been able to secure another production run of the LSD's! Timeline is not set yet but should be confirmed within a week. Right now the estimate is at 90 days which is longer than usual, but expected as there are steel shortages due to Covid-19. As soon as production details have been confirmed I will update you with the timeline.

    If you've not paid in full, the balance will be due once the LSD's have arrived here. I will be updating the product page once the timeline has been set and will send out a unique promo code for each of you that have a balance remaining. If you are having financial difficulties due to Covid-19 that is not a problem so just let me know."

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