91 wago- awd to fwd

So, quick question. I was wondering what would need to be done to drive a 1991 rt4wd wago as fwd? Do the rear hubs need an axle in to hold it together or can I just pop the half shaft out of the diff and hub and be fine with the hub?

I ask this because I haven't stuck my head to look at the inside of the hub to see if theres anything that holds the bearing assembly in or if it relies on the axle nut/shaft. Just want to drive this thing for now like this.


  • SiWagonSiWagon Council Member
    Check icon1.png Engine & Drivetrain Quicklinks

    Under that check:
    How to disengage four wheel drive

  • That link is dead. I need that info as well.

  • Nope, you need an axle in the hub to support the bearing or it will fail quickly.

  • You can either take off the driveshaft or disengage the RT4WD from the transmission should be on the back by the passenger side of the transmission not near the car at the moment to take a picture

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