Need some help

Hey guys, so I have searched but I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for.

So I have a 91 RT4wd and the rear diff mounts ripped out of the body! My plan now is to just remove all of the 4wd components. Besides the trans.
Will this be okay to drive it without the diff, driveshaft, and rear axles out? Thanks in advance for any help/links!


  • You need the axles in to support the wheel bearings - they will fail pretty quick otherwise. I think CRV bushings fit. But, do some research on that. You might also be able to rebuild them using a rubber kit from Eastwoods.
  • SiWagonSiWagon Council Member
    Yes you can remove all 4wd components.
    Wheel bearings r supported by control arm not axle .
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