A new kind of RTA bushing. Thoughts?

so I am going to order these. I have thought about it at length and I believe these to be a solid design that checks all the boxes. I had never seen these before yesterday.

1. easy to install.
2. the slits allow for proper deflection of the pivot rod unlike prothane/es
3. cost
4. even if they are not awesome, it will be better than torn one.



  • ricards2ricards2 Band Wagon
    So did you get them? How's their performance compared to stock?
  • I'm curious to see how these work. Hardline also makes a hard rubber version of these which I have yet to install due to dropping the arms to get at them.
  • So how's the product that you ordered?
  • JimboJimbo Band Wagon
    heard of Whiteline, but wasn't aware they made this part! I'm curious as well. I installed the Energy Suspension ones on my 92 Civic. Not a fun time. Definitely need these for my wagon
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