RT Suspension

Hello, I'm fairly new to wagons and have bought one. Its got coilvers on it now. I want to put it back to stock. Where do you guys by the necessary parts to do so? It seems like they're pretty hard to find. Thanks for your time!


  • Junk yards, Craigslist, rockauto and the like and the dreaded FB. Welcome and good luck. Post a build thread when you get started.
  • Thanks I've been on the hunt for the last couple days now
  • Picked up some front struts off ebay should be here next week, still on the hunt for the rear.
  • SiWagonSiWagon Council Member
    Basically suspension off of 88-91 CRX /Civic will work.Just match the year to your wgn 'cuz there was a rear lower control arm change in 89.
  • Cool thanks for all the help guys. I've found all the stuff I need and will be doing an install next week.
  • ricards2ricards2 Band Wagon
    Any update, OP? Are you done putting your suspension back to stock?
  • Just got every bolted together today I'll get some picture if the before and after up.
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