USDM roof rack

I have been unable to find a reference for the install of a USDM roof rack. If anyone has a factory (dealer) installed rack and could make a measurement for me, I would appreciate that. It appears to be 5" but I would like to confirm.



  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    I installed one on mine and loosely based the location off photos, however more importantly on what lay underneath the headliner. I've seen a couple dealer installed ones and oddly enough observed some slight variation between them.
    Personally I wouldn't install one, it isn't very strong and I kinda regret having drilled the holes in my roof for these. The EDM/JDM roof rails would be a better route, albeit it more pricey and harder to find. This is what I did and wish I would have done that in the first place.
  • Thanks. I can see where there would be variation based on all of them being dealer installed. Did you take your headliner out for the install? Is that required? I know you need to be very careful with the depth of the drill. I saw the EDM installation but I don't think I have seen one for sale and I already bought a nice USDM one a few years ago. For me, it is not about the functionality but just the visual appeal, but I understand what you are saying.
  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    I did take my headliner out, mostly because I didn't want to mess it up but also because I wanted to make sure I didn't drill through roof support structure, and that is only visible with the headliner out. Also I use nuts and bolts to hold my rack on instead of the oem method so I needed access underneath it :P
  • I can measure my USDM dealer installed when I get home if you are still interested?
  • Truckslammer, man, I would appreciate that. Thanks!
  • I hope this is all you need. If not, just ask. The last pic is measuring from the inside of one rail to the inside of the other, right about 32". Good luck!
  • It is hard to tell with my one handed phone camera skills but the middle pic is the one you asked about. Mine is 6 3/8" from the hatch to the rear mount.
  • Ok, that is very good info. Thank you sir for taking the time to document that. I will upload pics once I get the rack installed!
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