Mpfi swap question

I have a 88 maybe 89 parts rt and I also have a 91 2wd. I was tossing the idea of swapping to mpfi for my 2wd and can't find if I can just swap the harness or if I still have to do wiring. I have all the parts and plug and play just makes the job quicker. My car is an auto and so is the rt. So I'm guessing the ecu will be fine. I'm not sure if the 88-89 harness is different or not. My other rt is a obd1 b18c1 so that isn't any help for reference. Thoughts?


  • SwedginSwedgin Band Wagon
    Have you tried searching DPFI to MPFI conversions? Tons of how to's out there on it..
  • invalidinvalid Wagonist
    i did. i was just wanting to know if you could just straight swap the entire engine harness. its not a big deal. i guess i shoulda known if it was that easy all the threads would say just swap the harness instead of just do this.
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