Trailing arm & LCA Problem

Hello everyone, i recently purchased an rt4wd a few months ago and love the car. Heres my problem, im installing new oem trailing arm bushings, monroe struts and new lca's. Ive installed everything except i cant get the trailing arm to reach the lca on both right side and left side to reach the lca's. It almost seems like the axles have gotten longer. Does anyone have a solution?


  • arries289arries289 Wagonist
    Make sure the CV joints are fully seated. You will need to use a jack under the LCA and a pry bar to get them together, at least that is how I did it.
  • BrakeExpertBrakeExpert New Wagonist
    If you are unfamiliar with how our axles are constructed, the inner joint allows for sliding. If you were to pull it too far out, sometimes you can rotate the axle and it will sit back in position where you can compress it. See its got 3 prongs and inside em are where you have these wheels on a stick, you can google a picture of it.

    If this is well, yes sometimes the trailing arm, because of the suspension's geometry doesn't wanna line up with the LCA. Its relatively square when the car is sitting on its own wheels (and the strut is compressed.) It can be tricky but if you, like he said, bolt the LCA to the subframe and the shock to it, you can jack the LCA, thus compressing the spring and as it goes up, will line up better with the trailing arm.
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