Door removal

My rear passenger door is jammed and wont open. Tried to take it off by taking the hinges apart but it didnt work. Any ideas?


  • is it because the latch is seized, or are the handles broke? do u feel any resistance when u pull on the handle. maybe try openining the handle with someone else on the inside pulling on the other handle and door knob. u never know it might help. otherwise id say spray some pb blaster at the latch with a straw. worst case is you have to rip the door panel off and feel inside to see what the issue is.
  • I have tried every conceivable way to use the handles and latches. I have even resorted to taking out the handle completely. The only problem is I don't quite know how the inside of doors work (I know, I know). Any other ideas on popping it open?
  • Did you accidentally lock that manual lock on the inner door between the door and the body? It disengages the handle and it won't work.
  • Found this old thread. TLDR = You have to remove the door panel and futz around at the rear of the door where the child lock is located.
  • I bought the car with it stuck. I know I need to get the panel off Im just not sure how to do that. Have searched the forum but havent really found anything on that.
  • See if you can snake a thin metal piece in between the door and the body and push upwards where that lock is located.
  • Can the screw on the back of the door panel be acessed if you unbolt the hinges? I am dealing with the same issue.
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