Recommendations for bulbs - 1988 civic wagon

I have a 88 civic wagon, 5 door automatic.. And I am looking for some advice.

I would like to improve the lighting of the headlights and I was thinking of just replacing my current bulbs with new, better bulbs.
  • Cam I get better bulbs (low beam) in the front without getting a new kit.. Just bulbs?
  • If I can get better lighting from replacing just the bulbs, can you please give me recommendations on appropriate bulbs?

Thank you :smug:for your time and expertise...


  • i have wagner safety lites in my civic. i like them. they have a slight yellow tint too them. ive used sylvania silverstar ultras and i thought they were good bulbs too. whiter, and crisper. 9005 hi beam and 9006 low beam are the bulb numbers.
  • jolo100jolo100 Band Wagon
    Thank you civtec for your reply. 😀
    So the bulb numbers have to do with the size of that bulb, not its strength?
    I am 65 and driving at night can be tough as the light beam on the 88 civic is not the greatest.
    About how long would either of the bulbs you recommended last? I have read all sorts of things like it's it possible that the voltage in my civic won't be able to handle the higher demand of either recommended bulbs and not only burn out fast, but mess up the alternator and electrical system? I don't know.
    Thank you,
  • the part numbers designate the style of bulb. im not sure what the wattage is of these particular bulbs, probably 55 and 65 watt. ive had the wagners in my car for about 5 years now with no issues. if you have a headlight housing that gets condensation inside they might not last very long. also dont touch the glass part of the bulbs with your hands. the oil from hands mixed with the heat of the bulb could make it blow prematurely.
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    Civtec, Excellent reply. .. Maybe the condensation issue is why I found it so difficult to get an answer to my bulb for question, as I read several postings about how these bulbs blew out quickly, where some had no problems.
    I gave seen the wattage vary, but I ordered 55 Watt bulbs, I saw some of the Silverstar Ultras with 80 watts.
    Great top about not touching the bulb. Should I wear gloves or install the new bulbs with a cloth so I don't touch them?
    Thank you,
  • Jon, I have also used the standard 55W Silverstar Ultras and found that they did a much better job. I did not consider a higher wattage bulb as the standard 60A alternator has enough issues keeping up with the 55W bulbs at idle. Especially, if you have A/C running. I am going to buy some replacement housing because they are letting water in as well.
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