low beams not working

Did a search and nothing popped out... I have noticed very recently my low beams flickering intermittently. I recently (7K miles ago) replaced low and high beams with new bulbs of same wattaqe. This morning I have no low beams but high beams work (and parking/brake/etc lights). Looking around, the fuses (both) are good. Have to assume right now the grounds are good because they are independently grounded (L&R). Reading the web (cause Im at work and no wiring diagram), I see that the problem may be the headlight stalk switch itself. Anyone have this issue before? Is there a common relay for the low beams ? I cant believe they run all the current through the switch??? I see later models had a recall on the stalk switch.



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    If it's not the fuses or bad grounds, next thing in the list is the switch lever IMO. I'd scoop one up from a junkyard and give it a try, it's cheap enough.
  • I took the switch lever apart last night and cleaned the contacts up. I saw some contact burning but pretty minimal IMO. Put it back together and still no workie....so, gonna get another one. Thanks ...
  • Disregard request for ICU....problem fixed.
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