Need New Struts

The PN for the RR wagon strut is 52611SH9A04. It's discontinued of course, and it doesn't seem like an aftermarket replacement exists.

I need replacement struts and I want to reuse my stock springs. I'm not interested in lowering the car, and I don't want to mess with/pay extra for adjustable sleeves (a la Ground Control).

What are my options?


  • HaydzHaydz Moderator

    Listed under "Grand Civic". Stock replacement. Wagon specific.
  • I found the part numbers:
    FL: U2818
    FR: U2817
    R: U2847

    However I haven't found anywhere online that is selling them.
    @Haydz, what is a Grand Civic? Google images returns some photos of sedans.
  • @Haydz, what is a Grand Civic?

    ^^^^^^ That is just a Civic Wagon to us U.S. Grunts. I imported a wagon from Canada and they call them Civic Estates.
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    Grand Civic = EF.

    The part numbers that you put up match the Grand Civic part numbers.
  • Cool. Thanks for that info. Still haven't been able to find a retailer who stocks those part numbers.

    Any other leads?
  • It just occurred to me that I could go with EF struts in the front and gutted stock struts with inserts in the rear. Is anyone running this setup?
  • Assuming this is for a 88-91, I show Rock Auto has them. This is the strut I used a couple of years ago to rebuild mine using stock springs.

    MONROE 71238 {Click Info Button for Alternate/OEM Part Numbers} OESpectrum Strut Info
    Rear; RT 4WD
  • I knew about the Monroes but I'm trying to avoid them, I hear the quality is subpar. How are they working out for you?
  • 90 RT4WD (Cody)90 RT4WD (Cody) Senior Wagonist
    I ordered the Monroe front and rears wagon specific, I think the quality looks great, going to install the, this weekend
  • sohawksohawk Wagonist
    Cody, how are those Monroe struts working out for you?
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