O2 problems

Hey guys i have a 91 wagon all stock 1.5 and im having problems with the o2 sensor throwing a code 1. The car will drive fine till it heats up then loss of power and doesnt want to go over 2 grand, this will go on for awhile till the check engine light kicks on then the computer takes over and it runs fine. I've replaced the o2 twice in the last week and same results i even changed the distributor just in case (it needed it anyway) and same results. Has anyone else seen this problem? The only thing that pops up kinda relating to these symptoms someone said might be the cat is clogged. Thanks for any help!


  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    Yep check the cat. A little more involved than replacing the o2 but the likely culprit.
  • QtippQtipp Band Wagon
    Found the problem after changing so much stuff turned out tobe the engine wiring harness.
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