86 4wd engine swap

Hey everyone. I have an 86 4wd with the 6sp tranny, and the engine is on her last leg. Anyways, I've done some searching and can't find any solid answers on engine swap compatibility. Was wondering if all carburetor'd E series would drop in while keeping 4wd? I saw a few threads mentioning the ZC was a direct bolt on to the 3rd gens. Again, can I swap a ZC and keep 4wd? If anyone here could steer me in the right direction, or knows the answers it would be greatly appreciated.



  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    ZC will be your best bet and not much info on here. If no one else responds, try redpepperracing.com
  • Thanks, found a bit on redpepper, but not as much as I'd like. Will keep everyone posted, and do a write-up if I decide to try and swap her.
  • How about bringing life to an old thread? :)
    I'm about to buy a -86 with a 1,5l engine, will a ZC swap be possible and still keep 4wd?
  • Is redpepperracing still alive? It was the place to go for 84-87 civics when I had my 87 Si back in 2003-4.
  • Yes redpepperracing is alive, still noone seems to have tried the zc1 - EW2 swap
  • JeremyfemJeremyfem Band Wagon
    hey guys im about to start an engine swap in my 95 vg30. Im looking for any info you may have such as diy or instructional videos Ive got the fsm but no luck there any help is greatly appreciated ?:)
  • 86 has been sitting for 4 years. Just bought a 87 browntop integra to be the doner car for the swap. Thread officially necro'd

  • Buenas, buenas creo que he llegado algo tarde para comentar esto pero bueno a quien lo lea y quien se anime en un futuro a hacer el proyecto, les cuento que no lo hice pero lo compre asi, tengo un wagon 86 4WD con un motor D16Y7 de un civic 98 y funciona de maravilla, el swap no paso a mas de colocar el nuevo soporte del lado izquierdo al motor y adaptar el soporte trasero, el motor tiene un leve grado mayor del de fabrica de inclinacion pero asi lo compramos y anda de maravilla

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