Lets see / hear some Exhaust setups!

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Sorry for the post Hijack Klum, I didn't see how to bump a post of mine to the top of a thread. I'm gonna make this a sticky, but I want to set up a format for it and keep it to relevant information.

•All information in a single post. For installation and tweaking, all of that can go in your build thread. What we need here is just a condensed version of what all your exhaust setup consists of.
•Please list out the components of the exhaust, with brand/model names and numbers if you have them. i.e. Magnaflow 2.5" round muffler 10416, DC Sports 4-1 Header
•Pictures of the components if you have pics available. Laid out prior to install would be great, but at least a shot of them on the car if you can't.
•Video of how it sounds is very very helpful. If possible a video from the outside 20 or so feet away, and another of how it sounds inside would be great. A few seconds of idle and a good couple revs would be awesome. Please post these to youtube and use the Video button to add a clickable video in the post itself. At the moment you need the full URL to use the video button the youtu.be short links don't work there yet.

All right, post hijack over, I'll get in touch with with one of the more knowledgeable peeps on here to see if I can break this out to the top post. Back to you Klum

Everyone post up their exhaust specs and a sound clip if you got it!
I'd post mine but there is so many holes in my exhaust it would just sound like open header haha.
But I am Running a 2.25 " 85 cutlass muffler and 2.25" piping back to the cat it was extremely quiet for a month or two then touge happens.
I'm trying to get an idea of what exhaust mufflers everyones using and their feedback on the quality - would be a good reference thread for the future too IMO


So i bought a new exhaust setup recently

Stock header
Magnaflow CA legal Cat
2.5 piping
Magnaflow 2.5 muffler looks oem'ish
little bozo action
looking to get a shop to put flanges on the rear section so i can just run straight pipe when I want or maybe into a little resonator


  • I created a small write up on my 2.5in exhaust that I did on my 91 rtawd civic. Sounded really good for about a month before the Thursh resonator finally broke in. Now it gets raspy around 3000rpm. After that it sounds preety good. Here is a video of the day after I got my exhaust put on.

  • Audi R8 exhaust? The hell is that doing here.

    Either way, here's mine. Thrush glass pack 28" resonator with a I think thrush turbo muffler. I should get out there and get a better video where it doesn't clip the mic. Had it too close with this new mic, and I was still 20 feet away and to the side.
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    If you read the original post, Klum was asking what setups people were running and specs for what he is going to be using on his wagon and also as a point of reference for other people looking to find out what certain setups sound like on their wagons. Also this thread is on the engine and drivetrain section. If it was a thread just looking for exhaust clips off of whatever vehicle it would be in the lounge section which is for "anything not related to the wagon"

    If you think that on a civic wagon forum in a section for actual civic wagon discussion he wasn't asking about exhaust for the civic wagon, well I don't know what else to tell you.

    I suppose that makes a little sense. :D

    I'll have to snap some pics when my wago is on the lift. I used a resonator and chrysler 300 muffler. :D
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    hacking that header to bits and getting starting in the morning. brap brap

    pew pew
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    Does anybody on here have the HKS Civic setup on their RT4wd? I'm contemplating a new kit to replace my rusty one, but unsure how much "customizing" there will be. If anyone has information, I'd be grateful for it!

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