91 2wd Auto Trans slippage

I've got a 91 2wd Wagon with just over 220K miles on it. It's been slipping bad when shifting from 2nd to 3rd and a little when shifting 3rd to 4th around town. 1st to 2nd seems to be alright. Today while crusing down the interstate I pretty much lost 4th all together. I was able to let the rpms drop down and it finally slipped into 4th but it took a minute. To get to the point, has anyone tackled a rebuild on these autos? And no I'm not interested in doing a manual swap, want to keep the auto :smug:. Thanks.


  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    Truthfully, automatics are a specialty field that I don't get into. I find it to be worth paying someone else to do. I've never had a D-series auto rebuilt, but have done some Accords and Odysseys. Bad news? $850 exchange not including R&R.

    In the past, with the few Civics I've put autos back in, I've always been able to find transmissions cheap or even (usually)free. With the manual conversion so common, seems there was always one laying around my shop or a friend's. I've given a few away, and scrapped even more. If you're at all in touch with your local ""EF scene LOL" you should be able to source a used slushbox pretty quick.
  • I have 3 92-95 civic ex coupe auto trannys sitting in my shed.. I can't give these way, no body wants them.. everyone doing manual swaps...
  • CCWagoCCWago Band Wagon
    What did you do in the end? Rebuild your trans? Swap to manual?
  • gtpikappgtpikapp Band Wagon

    Sorry CCWago, just saw your questions after a year or so. Haven't really done anything as of yet, car is just sitting in the garage for now.

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