Hello from Seattle

I'm James and this is my '91 RT. I've been wanting one of these since I was a kid. I spent the summer away from home in NorCal, but meanwhile I was scanning Craigslist every day for Brats, Colts, and Wagons; anything goofy, Japanese, 30mpg+ and preferably 4WD. When this post came up, I knew I'd have to pull some strings and make it work out. And when I got back in September, there was a wagon in my driveway. Which had me like:


I bought the wagon from the 2nd owner (he and the 1st owner were brothers) with 147,000 on the clock. First things first, gotta change all your fluids: Castrol 75w-90 in the diff, Honda MTF in the tranny, and 5w-30 synthetic in the oil pan. It was grinding hard into 3rd, but I was able to clean up the shifter box with some home-made bushings so it shifted smooth as butter. The PS rack was leaking, and since I dislike power steering, I cleaned up an Si rack and put it in with new front-end hardware. Moog balls all around, Koyo wheel bearings. Urethane bushings for the sway bar. I got it aligned at TruLine Seattle. These guys will make your car drive laser straight!



I took a chance on some Prothane steering rack bushings that claimed to be power steering only. Turns out they fit a manual rack just fine. PN 807-1.

I picked up a set of HX wheels. Here is the wagon in its element, hauling two sets of wheels and tires like it's NBD:


Next, a few minor things like wiper blades, door seals, interior parts, blower resistor, seat latches, thermostat...




Which brings us up to date:



What's next? Fix some bumper sag, replace a missing mudflap, and I've got this squeal coming from under the car that I suspect is a carrier bearing. Other than that, I'll just be enjoying one of the few and ever-dwindling stock wagons.


  • Very nice. I love it. <3
  • sohawksohawk Wagonist
    My pics weren't so good, here's one taken out from under the shadows:

  • slo88crxslo88crx Senior Wagonist
    Welcome!! Looking good!! I'll be moving back up there come summer!! From Bremerton!
  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    Looking good! When looking for that squeak, check u-joints,too. Especially if it's a pulsing chirp at low speed.
  • jaspersjaspers Band Wagon
    Awesome stock wagon!

    I own a '91 RT too! it just happens to be red and stock too! Its nice to see a stock wagon :smug:
  • simplyhondasimplyhonda Council Member
    Looking good! Nice job on the rack!
  • Thanks for the kind words, all.

    Unfortunately, I've had to neuter the wagon :sorrow:


    The squeal was getting pretty bad and I started getting some bad vibration. Must be joints or bearings because the car is steady and silent without the driveshaft. I'm going to keep it in 2WD mode until I feel like getting the work done. Anyone in Seattle done business with Drivelines NW?

  • I'm currently rebuilding my viscous coupler, you could try that. It's cheap and pretty simple. Here is a link and make sure you watch the video at the end, it has all the part numbers you need. I'm also buying a gallon of fluid which is way more than I need if you end up needing some. http://www.civicwagon.com/showthread.php?9747-DYI-rebuilding-repair-RT4wd-Viscous-Coupler
  • What are some symptoms of a failing VC?
  • Never heard of them causing vibration but doesn't mean it can't. They leak and the bearrings and seals die and the rear wheels won't engage.
  • I'll have the driveline shop check out my VC and if it needs fluid I'll know where to go :encouragement: Thanks!

    Here are some interior pics since I haven't yet posted any:
  • Looks good. Could be u-joints or carrier bearings too.
  • I'm pretty suspicious of the carrier bearings. I'll probably just end up doing all of the ujoints and both carrier bearings while it's out so I can (hopefully) quit worrying about this for good.

    The driveline is going into Drivelines NW in Everett on Friday for a repair estimate, I'll report back next week with details.
  • All of the part numbers you need are on the website. Let me know if you need help finding them.
  • Well, doesn't look like this driveshaft problem is going to be easy. :| NW Driveline looked at it like they'd never seen a driveshaft before. Basically turned me away without a quote or anything.

    Any leads on a shop that can tackle a driveshaft rebuild would be great. I think I can handle the center bearings and maybe even a VC rebuild, but the ujoints are way out of my wheelhouse.
  • vash121991vash121991 Band Wagon
    im also from everett!
  • MrJayDMMrJayDM Wagonist
    Wow looks nice..
    Your interior is immaculate!!
  • sohawksohawk Wagonist

    Alternator decided to die 200 miles from home, so I got to replace it, in a parking lot, in the rain.

    I've made the executive decision to roll in 2WD mode until Winter and focus on other stuff. That being said, I replaced my missing mudflap and go the bumper lined up. Snagged a grey ash tray. Also, the front bumper lights look so much better without the ambers.

    Then it got real waxy over the weekend.


    My arm hurts.

    Treats coming soon.
  • 91 RT4WD91 RT4WD Wagonist
    Make a build thread.
  • Yeah, no kidding. You've well introduced yourself already, this thread is done =D
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