Want/need a wagon

Greetings. After owning/selling (regrettably) a 3rd gen prelude and current owner of an 03 civic hatchback ep3...i really really want to bur or partial trade for your civic wagon. All models welcome but prefer little to no rust and manual.

Am located in greensboro mc and missed buying a tricked wagon in high point nc some years ago..miss it every day.

You guys sre lucky!

And if anyone had an old datsun wsgon to sell...pls. inform me

Thx, martin


  • Sorry..thats buy a wagon and in norrh carolina...fat thumbs

  • Vtec_ShuttleVtec_Shuttle Wagonist
    edited January 19

    @brownplus Try Facebook civic wagon groups/market place, or if you IG I know there some wagons up for sale some guy in California has a RHD shuttle for 8k he just got it shipped to te states recently

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