Chassis, Bodywork & Interior Quicklinks

Chassis, Bodywork & Interior Quicklinks

Here is a list of threads with commonly requested information. Feel free to reply with a link to a thread that you think should be included.

Lights and Bulbs
Bulb Information... again
Paint Names & Codes

Interior L.E.D Dome Light
Make Fake Headunit Faceplate
Re-Cover Headliner (and share yours!)
Install Del-Sol Seats
Install DB2 Armrest
Rear Seat Folding Mod
Make your old seats look like new
Install Power Windows and Door Locks
Install Power Windows and Door Locks... again
Install DA Seats
Remove and Replace Hatch Struts
Install DA Maplight
Remove and Reinstall Rear Tailgate Lock Assembly
Remove and Replace Vent Covers
Remove Rear Seats
Fold Down Seat Knobs
Seat Bolster Repair
Homemade Cargo Cover
Homemade Cargo Cover... again
Rear Window Blinds
Rear Window Blinds... again
Rear Window Blinds... again... again
Underseat Storage Tray
Floor Mats
Seat cover/foam replacement / year swap

Exterior & Chassis:
Remove, Recondition and Reinstall Door Visors
Install Rear Foglights
Install Rear Foglights
Install Bracket-free JDM Foglights
Install JDM Bullbar
Install JDM Bullbar... again

Paint Tail Lights Red
Make Custom Front License Plate Relocator
Remove door trim and clips without breakage
Remove Tailgate and Replace Tailgate Hinges
Headlight and Housing Restoration
Remove Fenders and Front Bumper
Paint Corners Amber
Six Steps To Make Your Car Shine
Remove Doors
Remove Front Bumper
Build Metal Fender Flares
Install JDM/EDM Side Markers (Indicators)
Window Wiper Sizes
Corner Lights
Install Power Mirrors
EE Mirrors 101
Rear Cross Member Interchangeability
JDM/EDM Roof Rack Information


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