Requesting Advise On How To

Hi Everyone,

Would love some ideas and suggestions about selling my 1984 Civic Honda Station Wagon.

I love H.C. but do not need two cars.

I've never sold any car before so am not sure how to sell an older car. 

I drive H.C. at least twice a week. It is in very good condition. Any suggestions you have on how to find a good home for it would be appreciated.

The blue book is around $850.00 for it, and I would like to sell it for $1,500.00. I was told by someone they thought I could get $2,500.00 which surprised me for an older car. 

Just need some education from members about how to go about selling it.

I'm here in Camarillo, CA in Ventura County. my email is

Would appreciate any info here or at my email. Thanks.

Best to Everyone



  • Wow that’s a very clean wagon how’s the interior? how many miles ? If it’s clean all around with good clean interior, is it FWD or RT4WD I think you can get $1,700-2,500 I know it’s an older car but people who loves this era wagon will pay that much, remember people will try to low ball you toss it up for $2,800 OBO and see what offers come your way. Good luck with sale

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